Philadelphia Airport WiFi (PHL) Details: Updated 2020

Philadelphia Airport WiFi VPNOMETER

Philadelphia Airport WiFi (PHL) Details: Updated 2020

The airport code (IATA) for Philadelphia International Airport is PHL which is located in Philadelphia, PA, United States of America. Philadelphia Airport WiFi is provided by AT&T for travelers.

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Philadelphia International Airport Information:

  • PHL airport is the 20th busiest airport in the country
  • Philadelphia International Airport is 11m above sea-level
  • PHL airport handles almost 31.7 million passengers annually
  • Philadelphia International Airport offers 500 daily departures to more than 130 destinations worldwide.
  • PHL airport is 145km away from the center of New York, which is the largest city in the United States of America.

Does Philadelphia Airport (PHL) have free WiFi?

Yes, Philadelphia Airport has free WiFi provided by AT&T having SSID “PHL free WiFi”

What is the limit for free WiFi at Philadelphia Airport (PHL)?

Yes, the limit for free WiFi at Philadelphia Airport is 240 minutes.

Who can access Free Philadelphia Airport (PHL) WiFi?

Everyone can access PHL Wifi having WiFi-enabled devices such as laptops and mobile. Users must have a device with WiFi Technology or an 802.11b network interface card to connect to PHL Airport WiFi with good speed.

How to connect to Free Philadelphia Airport WiFi?

  1. In order to connect to free WiFi at PHL, connect to SSID PHL free WiFi
  2. After connecting to WiFi, open your browser
  3. You will need to fill the registration form
  4. Provide your details and submit.
  5. Enjoy free WiFi at Philadelphia Airport

Risk of using Public WiFi for travelers?

No doubt, Open Wi-Fi is way more convenient and easily accessible but everyone must be aware of the security threats of using open Wi-Fi. Most open Wi-Fi is un-encrypted which means literally anyone can hack into the data being transmitted over the network.

How to be secure using Public WiFi?

Use of an “Encryption Virtual Private Network (VPN)” is a common technique for protection in potentially hostile network environments that will allow any attacker stealing your data to see only encrypted information.

Why you should always use a VPN on a Public WiFi Connection?

There are no security protocols and passwords for free or public WiFi hotspots that is why it is always easily be hijacked by hackers. Similarly, hackers can also create fake WiFi hotspots so whenever you join that network, all of your data can be at risk. For instance, if you connect to any free WiFi at Philadelphia Airport and if it is created by a hacker then hackers can breach your devices and data. Therefore, a VPN can come in handy to bar hackers from breaching data by providing encryption and security.

Benefits of a VPN While Traveling

  • You can bypass geographical location to stream your favorite local content from anywhere.
  • Some airline websites price discriminate by changes prices according to your geographical location. You can use a VPN to avoid that variance in prices.
  • Some countries have blocked access to social media, you can use a VPN to bypass that restriction.
  • Making a transaction while connected to any Public WiFi is extremely risky but VPN allows you to securely connected to a VPN.
  • Hide all the browsing activities on any wireless or local network such as connecting to free wifi at PHL Airport.

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