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Radmin VPN Guide: Review, Download [2020 Updated]


Radmin VPN is a free software product that enables you to create a Virtual Private Network. This VPN allows its users to securely establish a connection between two or more computers over the internet, located behind a firewall, allowing them to get connected together over a LAN. This free VPN connects remote machines in one virtual network without having any limitation on the number of users.

This VPN also allows distributed teams to connect together hence creating a single cohesive network regardless of how far they are located from one another with connection speed up to 100Mbps.

This free software also features remote access to your computer hence allowing you to securely access your files whether you are at home, airport or hotel. You can manage your files, applications, and emails from anywhere around the globe.

Even though this VPN is in the competition since 2016, it does malfunction even if you use it continuously. Moreover, it is very simple to set-up to manage for IT professionals and gamers to play Minecraft.

This VPN also allows gamers to play their favorite LAN games like Minecraft over the internet by providing 10,000 public gaming networks available worldwide without even limiting the number of gamers.

Jurisdiction – Where is Radmin VPN based?

Radmin VPN was launched in 2016 and run by a parent company Famatech Corp which is based in Moscow, Russia.

Security – Is Radmin VPN Safe?

Since Radmin VPN is based in Russia, we all know about the strict data retention laws that force-out the telecommunication companies to gather details of their users for Russian Intelligence Agencies to have access to the information at any time.

No need to worry, this VPN is mostly used for its remote access and gaming usage so this point might not concern you as much.

According to Famatech Corp:

“Your personal data, including your e-mail address, is used for internal purposes only and is never sold or shared with anyone outside of Famatech, unless we disclose information in response to a law enforcement request.”

Does Radmin VPN keep logs?

There is no proof to Radmin VPN collecting user logs but they do collect “domain, IP address, browser type and operating system for site trends and statistics.”

But being located in Russia, there is a point of concern if you value privacy and security.

Compatibility – Supported browsers and Operating Systems?

Free Famatech Operated VPN supported browsers and operating systems information are as follows:

Windows Supported:

Radmin VPN is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

MAC Supported:

Radmin VPN is not currently supported on MAC OS.

Radmin VPN Features and Highlights

Free Famatech Operated VPN features and highlights are listed below:

This VPN provides you with a secure VPN tunnel by using AES-256 encryption, which is industry-standard for a VPN.

High Speed
This VPN managed to offer great and outstanding speed results up to 100Mbps which is ideal for gamers to play games like Minecraft.

Even though this VPN is in the competition since 2016 but it has not lowered its standards and does not malfunction even if you use it continuously.

This VPN is very simple to download and set-up to manage for IT professionals and gamers.

Trustworthiness – Customer Support and Tickets

Radmin VPN provides a great support system but surprisingly does not offer a live chat and FAQ section. The VPN provides the following support options:

  • opening a support ticket
  • the Radmin Club, their forum

Pricing – Is Radmin VPN free?

This VPN is a must-try to see if it works for your company and gaming because there is no reason for avoiding it. This VPN is completely free of cost which means it does not own pricing plans.

How to download free Radmin VPN?

You can download this VPN for free on its official website. Just go to their website, select the language and click on free download to download the latest free version.


Go to the official website:

How to download Radmin VPN 1


Select the language you want to download the software in:

How to download Radmin VPN 2


Click on download to begin your installation:

How to download Radmin VPN 3


Considering all its features, its ability to allows users to work remotely, play network games like Minecraft over the internet and connect distributed teams together, makes it definitely worth trying. Adding icing on the cake, this VPN is completely free and they also provide ticket support. We would highly recommend Radmin VPN to try in 2020.

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